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Okta Certification & Mailinator

Creating a Mailinator Verified Pro account and preparing for an Okta certification test is a streamlined process designed to enhance your learning and testing experience. This blog post will guide you through obtaining a Mailinator Verified Pro account and using it to take your Okta certification test, focusing on the Okta Professional Hands-On Configuration Exam for OIE, as outlined in the official study guide.

Mailinator Verified Pro

Step 1: Understanding the Requirement

Okta certifications are a prestigious benchmark for IT professionals, demonstrating proficiency in managing identity and access management solutions. For the Okta Professional Hands-On Configuration Exam for OIE, a Mailinator trial account is necessary. This requirement ensures that all test-takers have access to a controlled, secure environment for email testing purposes without compromising personal or professional email accounts.

Step 2: Getting a Mailinator Verified Pro Account

Mailinator offers various account types, but the Verified Pro account is recommended for taking the Okta certification test. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Visit Mailinator’s Website: Go to Mailinator.com and navigate to the pricing or accounts page.
  2. Choose the Verified Pro Plan: Select the Verified Pro account option. This plan offers enhanced features such as private domains, API access, and full privacy, which are beneficial for a secure and efficient testing process.
  3. Sign Up and Verify: Complete the sign-up process, which includes providing a payment method. Verification is swift, ensuring your account is ready to use almost immediately.
  4. Configuration: Once your account is set up, take a moment to familiarize yourself with Mailinator’s dashboard and settings. For the Okta exam, ensure you understand how to receive and access emails, as this will be a crucial part of your test.

Step 3: Preparing for the Test

With your Mailinator account ready, focus on preparing for the Okta certification test. The official study guide provides detailed information on the exam’s scope, including key concepts and hands-on configuration tasks. Use the guide to structure your study and practice sessions, ensuring you’re comfortable with each exam topic.

Step 4: Taking the Test

When test day arrives, ensure you have access to your Mailinator account and the Okta exam environment. The exam will instruct you when and how to use your Mailinator account for specific tasks. Follow the exam’s instructions carefully, using your Mailinator account as directed to complete the email-related tasks.


A Mailinator Verified Pro account is an invaluable tool for taking the Okta certification test. It offers a secure, private environment for handling email tasks, crucial for the exam’s hands-on components. By following the steps outlined above and thoroughly preparing for the exam using the official study guide, you’ll be well on your way to achieving Okta certification. Remember, preparation and practice are key to success. Good luck!

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