Applications & Solutions

Mailinator is an invaluable tool for software development testing and quality assurance (QA). With its nearly unlimited email addresses, Mailinator offers a convenient way to simulate real-world user interactions without cluttering up genuine inboxes. This proves especially useful for testing email-based functionalities within applications, such as user registration, password reset, and notification systems. By leveraging Mailinator email inboxes, developers and QA teams can systematically assess how their software responds to various email-related scenarios, ensuring smooth functionality and user experience. Moreover, Mailinator's simplicity and accessibility make it an efficient choice for debugging and verifying email communication during the testing phase, ultimately contributing to the creation of more robust and reliable software products.

Quality Assurance

Email Receipt Testing

Testing end-to-end delivery of transactional or marketing emails.


Mailinator is capable of testing your send volumes and other measurements of Load.


Mailinator offers a wide array of programmable interactions using our API.

Inbound Webhooks

By utilizing inbound webhooks with Mailinator, you can further automate your email testing.


Mailinator can integrate SMS service into your testing flow, routing incoming SMS to your storage and making those messages available to your team. Messages received via SMS are available via our API, allowing automation and testing of OTP and 2FA loops.

Mailinator for Enterprise

Mailinator is designed to handle your toughest requirements with high-speed SMTP servers and super efficient architecture. Clients who need custom features, terms & conditions, and premier support can sign up for Enterpise plans.