Email Interactions

Ensure that your automated workflows are doing what they are supposed to do without manually checking. Mailinator can be used to perform the following tasks:


Link Checking

Are your automated emails generating links and validation codes correctly?



Do the emails you send include correct contact info? Do they match up names/accounts correctly?


Closing the Loop

Are you properly registering that emails have been opened and acted upon? Use us to test that you are correctly recording which links get clicked (and which don’t).



Are your production systems working? Sending a separate stream to a testing domain provides continuous affirmation that your systems are also sending to your customers.


Quick Check

Mailinator is great for automation, but are you setting up a new interaction? Our web interface makes it easy to do manual testing; one, two, or twenty emails at a time.



Mailinator supports attachments in the web interface and via our API, making it simple to check that your production systems are attaching the correct files.


Clicking Links

You can use Mailinator to automatically click on links in your emails! This creates a logged record which confirms that your links are working correctly.


CI/CD Pipeline

Use Mailinator to check email, SMS, and HTTP interactions as part of your development process. Test your app’s interactive messaging on every build.