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Feature Update: Advanced Routing Rules

We’ve just added some big improvements to Mailinator’s Routing Rules. There are new conditions! You can flag emails based on To: , From: , Subject: , and the IP address from which it was sent. Here we’re setting up a rule to automatically click the links in any one-time-password test emails. (assuming your OTP tests […]

Mailinator on TestGuild’s Automation Testing Podcast

The name ‘Joe Colantonio’ is well known in the automation testing field. Joe worked for many years as a software test automation engineer and became an expert in the industry while working for a Fortune 100 company. Joe founded Test Guild, an organization dedicated to educating its audience on everything to know about testing. He […]

Evolving Verified Pro

Free Email Testing Service How it Started Mailinator began as a free service that allowed users to avoid having to sign up for emails they didn’t want. Slowly, the internet learned about the existence of Mailinator. As time passed, people from around the world figured out different ways to use the software. Soon, programmers realized […]