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Evolving Verified Pro

Verified Pro

Free Email Testing Service

How it Started

Mailinator began as a free service that allowed users to avoid having to sign up for emails they didn’t want. Slowly, the internet learned about the existence of Mailinator. As time passed, people from around the world figured out different ways to use the software. Soon, programmers realized that they no longer had to create a dummy account on Yahoo or Gmail to test their password reset email processes. Instead, they could dream-up a random inbox like awesomesoftware@mailinator.com. Then they could go to www.mailinator.com and their email would be waiting for them.

Whether you are a single developer building an application or you’re part of a team of testers collaborating to ensure that your company’s SaaS product is performing like it is supposed to, there is a Mailinator plan to fit your needs.

The Public Mailinator is a great place to test your workflows or verify your email sends. Developers, Marketers, and Testers like yourself have driven the new features on Mailinator since its inception.

However, scammers and hackers have also come up with their own ways to use Mailinator for unsavory purposes. In response, the Mailinator development team put in place an array of filters and limits to prevent such abuse. To the same end, API access has remained a privilege strictly limited to our paid subscription tiers.

The trouble with this approach is that free users miss out on one of the biggest benefits Mailinator can offer… the ability to automate workflow tests and use some of Mailinator’s native rules that make verifying email delivery incredibly easy.

How it’s Going

After much consideration and deliberation on how to best provide a more sophisticated free email testing service, while at the same time protecting the integrity of the platform, Mailinator created a plan designed for our testing and development community.

Mailinator’s Verified Pro accounts provide access to the API and even give you your own private domain. The plan comes with limits that align with an individual level of utilization. Being a Verified Pro may also include exclusive access to new features as they are developed. Previously, these types of features have only been available with paid subscriptions. With that said, Verified Pro is free for single users.

The cost of admission to this tier is simply your valid contact info and continual good behavior. Failure to comply with Mailinator terms and conditions can result in suspension or termination of services. QA Testing and Development Teams should not apply for Verified Pro. Instead, we recommend signing up for a free trial, which operates at a Business Plan level.

If you or a colleague would like to join us as we build our community of like-minded professionals, we invite you to Get Verified by clicking below.

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