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Discover the Right Mailinator Plan for Your Needs

Discover the Right Mailinator Plan for Your Needs

In the fast-paced world of software development and testing, having the right tools at your disposal is crucial. Mailinator offers a range of plans tailored to meet the needs of individuals and businesses alike. Whether you’re conducting email delivery testing, SMS receipt testing, or simply need a temporary email address, Mailinator has a solution. In this article, we’ll dive into the different Mailinator plans to help you decide which one fits your requirements.

Public Mailinator: The Free Solution

Starting with the Public option, which is entirely free, users can immediately access and use public inboxes without any setup. It’s perfect for quick testing or when privacy isn’t a concern. However, the public nature of this plan means that emails sent to these inboxes are accessible to anyone who knows the inbox address.

Mailinator was uniquely designed so that inboxes don’t need to be created. You can essentially say that every possible inbox already exists.

However, the number of possible inboxes at any domain is not infinite. Remember – there are rules which describe what is allowed. The basic rule says that you can have up to 64 characters in the <local-part> of an address (we actually allow more, but whatever). A few years ago, we tried to work out how many there could be. Our best estimate at the time was that any domain can have something like:

2.4 x 10^111


2,400,000,000, … and 102 more zeros.

You could use a billion different inboxes for every day of your life and never come even close to using them up.

With that said, you are welcome to give it a try next time you don’t want to use your personal email address when signing up for a trial or newsletter.

Verified Pro: Enhanced Features at No Cost

The Verified Pro Plan takes the offerings a step further by providing users with unlimited private inboxes, a private domain, 10MB of permanent storage, API access, webhooks, routing rules, and usage statistics, all at no cost. This plan requires users to verify their contact information and agree to Mailinator’s terms, making it a fantastic choice for individual users seeking more control and privacy without additional expenses.

The Verified Pro option also suits lone developers and testers that don’t need to collaborate with a team.

It’s important to call out that Verified Pro is not intended for teams and groups. While we run soft limits on paid plans, Verified Pro does have a strict daily limit. We also enforce limits on the number of Verified Pro accounts for any one company. Companies looking for more than a couple of seats should purchase a subscription.

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Business and Business Plus: For Growing Teams

For small to medium-sized teams, Mailinator introduces the Business and Business Plus plans, priced at $79 and $159 per month, respectively, when billed annually. These plans offer an expanded set of features, including more private inboxes, increased storage, and higher email per second rates. The Business Plus plan distinguishes itself by doubling the number of team seats, making it an ideal choice for larger teams requiring more extensive resources.

We can also add seats to each plan to match your teams needs. In addition, it’s possible to add more storage, higher receipt limits, Single Sign On, more private domains, and SMS numbers. In general, SMS numbers cost $500 per year and come with 500 messages per month. Due to the nature of SMS numbers, there may be some countries that cost more or are unavailable.

Get Business or Business Plus here.

Enterprise: Tailored for Large Organizations

At the top of the range is the Enterprise Plan, starting at $495 per month (billed annually), designed for large organizations with complex testing needs. This plan provides the highest level of service, including dedicated support, custom integration options, and the ability to negotiate the number of user accounts, storage, and email rates to suit the specific needs of the business.

Enterprise customers also benefit from the ability to request new features that might not already exist. Mailinator is always evolving and we aim to deliver the highest performing email receipt service in the industry.

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Mailinator’s range of plans ensures that whether you’re a solo developer, a growing startup, or a large enterprise, there’s a solution to fit your email and SMS testing requirements. By offering scalable options from free to enterprise-level services, Mailinator stands out as a versatile tool in the realm of disposable email addresses. To find out more about each plan and decide which one is right for you, visit Mailinator’s pricing page.

Or get started right away without a credit card with a Free 2-week Trial.

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