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Verified Pro

Mailinator's Verified Pro is for single users and provides access to the API and even gives you your own private domain, along with some limits that align with that of an individual level of utilization.

Being a Verified Pro may also include exclusive access to new features as they are developed, formerly only available to Enterprise customers.

The cost of admission to this tier is simply your valid contact info and continual good behavior. Email addresses such as info@ or admin@ will not be approved. Any violation of Mailinator's terms and conditions will result in termination of access.

Save yourself time by automating your workflow testing!

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Verified Pro



with Verification
  • Unlimited Private Inboxes
  • 1 Private Domain
  • 10MB Permanent Storage
  • 1K Emails / Month
  • 1 Single User
  • API Access
  • Webhooks
  • Routing Rules
  • Usage Statistics
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Mailinator Servers and Employees are located in the USA

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