About Us

The Evolution of Mailinator

At the most basic level, Mailinator was built to provide infinite (for conversation’s sake) mailboxes at a given domain.

The original use case was to create a “throw-away” email address so that users could avoid having inboxes that were used just for signing up for various web services.

But over time, this utility became useful for programmers who needed to validate that their workflows delivered the emails as intended.

Gradually, feature requests shaped other functionality that this core user group wanted to make automating processes easier.

Today, Mailinator is the predominant resource for world-class QA testing teams looking to automate their email and sms workflow testing.

Mailinator has evolved, in part, because our community of users is always finding new and innovative uses for the technology we’ve built. If you have a feature you’d like to see in Mailinator, please submit a request below: